I'm Sergey Junior Web Developer

Front End Developer / Freelancer

About me

Well organized person, problem solver with high attention to details.
Sometimes lazy which is bad as many might think but in the world of IT,
I suppose it is a good benefit. As laziness push you
to automate monotonous tasks.

Can't consider myself as I high professional with lots of years of experience.
Web development was just a hobby that turned into a career.

I'm looking for opportunities to collaborate with companies and
individuals , not just work for them.
I like to bring my skills and experience in order to solve business problems.

Skills &

The main area of my expertise is front end development.

I have a sufficient knowledge of HTML and CSS, but still learning
JAVASCRIPT. I have built small and medium websites with pure HTML and CSS.
I have also used Bootstrap Framework to build some websites.

Please reach me out for more details about me.

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  • My Projects

    If you want to take a look at my work that I have done through out my career.
    Please, reach me out!

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    or just say hi, fill up the form below
    or send an email to t.sergey-94@yandex.com.